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Locksmith Waterdown

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Waterdown Locksmith Services 24/7  Call: 1866-820-1331

At Xpress Locksmith Company in Waterdown, Ontario, we are ready 24 hours a day for all your professional locksmith services needs. We service both residential and commercial locations along with anywhere you may find yourself locked out of you vehicle. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency locksmith services, Xpress Locksmith Waterdown will never leave you stranded. Our professional locksmiths are experienced and ready to provide you with the best locksmith services available in Waterdown and the Greater Waterdown Area (GTA).


Your Emergency Locksmith in Waterdown

When you book a call out with Locksmith Services in Waterdown you will speak directly to a 24 hour Waterdown locksmith who will give you an accurate indication of how long it will take to arrive. If our technician is on a job he will tell you where he is and how long he expects to finish, and if it’s too long we will recommend someone else that services the Greater Waterdown Area. If a lock does not pick within 10 minutes we then move on to impressioning of your lock. There is an extra charge incurred for the labour but it is an effective way to gain entry should picking be ineffective. It involves cutting a key to the lock by inserting a key blank, a process that generally takes between 5 and 15 minutes. A good Waterdown locksmith should always resort to impressioning your lock before using destructive entry. Before you book a 24 hour locksmith Waterdown ask them if they will attempt to impression the lock before using destructive entry. If both of the abovementioned methods are unsuccessful then we will destroy the cylinder and replace it with a new one. This does not damage the door, and there is an additional charge incurred for parts. It’s not all that often that we resort to destructive entry, however some locks have built in security measures to make them pick resistant or have combinations that make them difficult to pick.

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