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How To Pick The Best Residential Locks For Your Home 

Picking the best residential locking hardware for your home can be a difficult and overwhelming task for home owners. First off, you need to pick the best lock hardware and locks that can protect your family and home devoid of breaking your bank. Here are some tips on how to pick the best residential locks that will help you get started with picking the best residential locking hardware and locks for your home.

Consider quality 

While most home owners think that all residential locking hardware and locks are created the same , this is however not the case because locking hardware and locks differ in quality. The best way to ensure that you are purchasing high quality locks and locking hardware is to look at the locks’ ANS(American National Standards Institute) quality grade. For instance ANSI Grade 1 has the highest rating hence suitable for residential and commercial locking needs. Grade 2 has the highest rating for residential locking needs only, while Grade 3 has the lowest rating thus it can only meet minimum locking requirements.

Your budget

Just like residential locks differ in quality, they also differ in price as well. That is why price is an important factor to consider when purchasing residential locks. Although you will basically get what you pay for, thanks to the fact that you will get a high quality lock if you paid more and get a low quality lock if you parted with little money, you can still get a good lock with a reasonable budget.

Consider your specific needs

If you have thick exterior doors, then it is important you purchase an ANSI Grade 1 instead of an ANSI Grade 3 lock, because the former is strong and tough enough to withstand the strong force of a break-in. But the latter isn’t strong enough and hence it can easily be defeated by burglars. 

Installation costs

While you may think that you can install a residential lock by yourself, it is however important to call in a professional locksmith to do it for you because they have advanced skills need to ensure that your lock is installed properly . As such, consider installation costs prior to purchasing a lock or any other locking hardware.

With these tips on how to pick the best residential locks right at your fingertips, there can be nothing to stop you from purchasing and installing high quality locks that will meet all your home protection needs.

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