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Best Keyless Locks For Your Home

Days are gone when keys used to be a significant part of our lives, thanks to the advent of keyless door locks. However, with numerous types of keyless locks on the market these days and with all of them vying for your hard-earned money, you can feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing keyless locks for your home. Here are some keyless options that are ideal for you if you are fed up with carrying keys with you all the time.

Biometric keyless lock system

This keyless lock system utilizes one of your genetic hallmarks for purposes of opening and locking a door. Most of the biometric keyless door lock systems use a fingerprint scan system. These doors are amazing and they are pretty easy to open. Some of the best brands of biometric keyless lock systems include the Samsung EZON, which is not only user friendly and cool, but it is also secure for homes and business as well. 

Keypad keyless lock system

Although this keyless lock system is a bit older according to many, it is however tried and tested. Basically, it utilizes an electronic keypad that is programmed with various codes for entry. All you need to do when opening your door is to type in the correct code and that is it. You automatically gain access to your house. One of the most popular brands of keypad keyless lock systems on the market is the Schlage Touchscreen . The system is not only rated Grade 1 on the ANSI’s hardware standards system, but it is also loaded with superb features and it is compatible with several types of smartphones as well.

RFDI keyless lock system

Simply standing for radio frequency identification, RFDI keyless lock systems are similar to traditional key systems in the sense that they use a card or FOB for purposes of opening a door. All you need is to scan the card at a reader, and the door will open like magic. Samsung EZON is also one of the most popular RFID keyless lock systems on the market these days. It comes with a variety of security features and it is resistant to unauthorized entry 

Armed with the knowledge of some of the best keyless locks for your home, then it means that you are now in a better position to pick the best keyless lock that will meet your needs. 

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